5 Expert Tips in Driving Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation is every company’s challenge today. So we have gathered different expert tips about the subject in this article.

What Digital Transformation Means for a Business

Digital transformation changes the way we work today. For example, digital transformation uses technology to improve company performance. It impacts employee productivity and customer service delivery. 

DX affects how customers respond to your products and services. It can increase their loyalty and retention in your business, for instance. Not only that, but digital transformation changes a business from the inside. That is its culture, systems, and way of leadership.

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Tips on Driving Digital Transformation in Business

So here are five expert tips we have gathered. Although every business differs in needs, these tips can work for the general, regardless of the business nature.

1. Get Everyone On-Board

Business goals should be in line with the goals of the transformation. As well as employees and leaders should be driving the same goals.

Although employees know the generic business goals, you still have to inform them in detail. Perhaps not everyone understands why DX is necessary. 

So as leaders, you should get them aboard through training. Training and awareness sessions can also allow employees to speak up. By doing so, you will know their reaction to the change and take steps to adjust them, when necessary.

2. Seek Help from Growth Experts

Inside the company, you may have internal growth experts. If you find none, you can outsource. Digital growth experts can help you achieve your DX goals. For example, they have the skills, understanding, and knowledge about technologies. 

You can start with people who know about keyword optimization; or a product owner in a development team; or a marketing communicator.

3. IT and Marketing Department Should Be Working Together

Both IT and marketing departments are essential in reaching your goals. Usually, developers stay within the IT department. But to deliver results, you should be working with the marketing people. 

The marketing department can help you understand what the business needs from a marketer’s viewpoint. Thus, help you deliver results that sell.

4. Assign a Growth Lead

Growth leads can help manage the team and the processes. Growth leads are sometimes referred to as the product owner, product manager, or growth manager. Moreover, they have the skills to improve the number of repeat customers.

Besides, a growth lead works as a team leader that can set goals. He should also be someone who can work by the rule of data. Lastly, a growth lead should know how to rightly prioritize product development to increase customer retention.

5. Cross-functional Teams Should Work for Each Key Figure

Cross-functional teams should own each of the critical data. This is way better than having different departments owning different key figures. As a result, all of these key figures head to a single goal for the whole initiative.

A team may consist of the following, for example:

  • Developers
  • Analysts
  • UX designers
  • Growth lead

Analysts are important in a team. They are experts and can extend their insights in making data-driven decisions to meet your business goals.

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