Digital Transformation in Tourism and Hotels: Top 6 Trends

Digital transformation in tourism is a process of leveraging new technologies to enhance the hotel experience.

What are the top six trends in the industry now? Read this article to learn more.

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Tourism Industry

Recognition Technology

Hotels now use recognition technology. It allows them to identify and greet their regular guests by name, automatically logging them in.

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This type of technology uses retina scanning and fingerprint scanning. So, all you need to do is flash your eyes or finger at the door.

Gone are the days when you had to search for your room key in your bag or wallet. This new technology will save a lot of time.

Personalized Services

Another trend is personalized services. Hotels now provide guests with personal services such as:

  • Storing preferences and interests on their database, such as favorite food, wines, places to visit.
  • Sending special offers and personalized messages through text messages, emails, and phone calls. 
  • Suggesting tours and restaurants that match the guests’ preferences. 
  • Recording the preferences of each guest to improve their level of service.

New Apps for Guests

Hotels also develop apps that allow guests to do a lot of tasks without leaving their rooms. For example, they can do the following:

  • order food and drinks from their rooms
  • receive notifications about hotel services and news
  • make reservations at restaurants and tours
  • view photos of the hotel. 
  • check-in and check-out of the hotel
  • review the hotel’s facilities and services.

Smarter Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are becoming smarter with the installation of interactive systems. It allows guests to control functions directly from their mobile phones or tablets, such as the following:

  • lights
  • curtains
  • air conditioning system
  • television channels
  • temperature 

This system will reduce energy consumption significantly. For one, it avoids unnecessary disturbances caused by staff members turning on/off electrical devices in each room manually.

Track Guests’ Movements on Mobile Phones 

With this new system, management can track exactly where each guest is located. They can also do it any time using a map on a computer screen or a smartphone.

So if there is an emergency such as fire or medical problems, they will be able to reach out to all guests located in that area faster. 

This new system will also help: 

  • Track which areas of ​​the hotel are visited most often. So, they can allocate more staff members there during busy hours.
  • Speed up response times when searching for lost property or stolen property. They can do so by identifying its location using GPS tracking.
  • Improve security by identifying unregistered guests who enter the building. Using tools such as facial recognition software can help.
  • Improve energy efficiency by monitoring which areas of ​​the building require more lighting.

Hotel Booking System on Mobile Phones

Another trend is the availability of hotel booking systems on mobile phones. It allows customers to book hotel rooms directly from their phones. 

They can also check prices and compare them with other hotels in the same area. By using this technology, customers will get better service and access to better deals.

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