Digital Transformation Of Companies

Let’s discuss examples of the best digital transformation of companies. Below are some of the most prestigious firms in the world. Disney, Microsoft, and Audi are just the tip of the iceberg for digitally transform companies. Let’s take a closer look at their initiatives.


The Disney World theme parks tend to be the most “analog” in terms of entertainment. But, surprisingly, the organization has become one of the best instances of digital transformation. It evolved into a business with a far better tourist experience.

Park visitors can use the MagicBand to make payments, manage bookings, and enter their hotel rooms at the parks. As a result, MyMagic+ straps identify each guest, allowing them to have unique experiences. The concept works in the park by displaying individualized, interactive screens.

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The Disney+ streaming network is another illustration of Disney’s digital transformation. It has recently proven to be a big success, as you are aware.

The latest Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars blockbusters are now available to the platform’s users (numbered in the tens of millions on the day of launch!). In addition, there are numerous other works in the collection. As a result, it’s a genuine rival to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO. But, again, Disney has done an excellent job with its attempt.


So far, the Windows operating system has served this software sales leader well. BOX and OEM versions, as well as Microsoft Office, are available. However, rather than relying solely on Windows, the company decided to adapt to shifting client needs.

For starters, Microsoft has become more mobile-friendly, as evidenced by the release of Office for iPad. In addition, the company has dabbled in cloud computing. Microsoft expands its OneDrive service and forms collaborations with Dropbox. Microsoft has partnered with Amazon and Red Hat, an open-source software company.

More open APIs are also needed, according to the business. Open APIs make it easier for programmers to use Microsoft applications. As a result, the company purchased Minecraft, LinkedIn, and GitHub, among other products. All of this opens up new possibilities for addressing the business demands of the digital age.


It appears that finding an industry that is more “analog” than the automobile industry is difficult. Despite this, with its new services, AUDI has chosen to enter the digital world. It has since gone on to become one of the most successful digital transformation instances.

In 2012, Audi City, the company’s ground-breaking showroom idea, was launched. It offers consumers the entire inventory of the brand’s automotive models in micro-showrooms in city centers. It’s not always possible with a large number of cars on display, as you may know.

While shopping in the city center, this initiative assists you in discovering and purchasing autos. As a result, the experience becomes more enjoyable and accessible. Audi City also hosts exhibitions and discussion sessions at night. Audi does strive to improve its brand’s positioning.

In addition, advanced vehicle combinations are now available in retailers. The automobile is displayed in full form on interactive screens.

You can look inside the car using your tablets. Then pay attention to how it moves and listen to the engine’s genuine sound.

Due to creative solutions in Audi City, sales increased by 60% compared to traditional showrooms.

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