Successful Digital Transformation Companies

Here are a few examples of successful digital transformation companies. Ikea, Nike, and Lego are just a few examples of companies that have achieved significant transformational changes. What lessons can you take away from them? How can these actions motivate you to do something similar for your company? Let’s have a look at what’s next!


A typical organization can be transformed by digital transformation. The Swedish furniture maker is an example of this.

IKEA is working to improve the shopping experience of its customers. At the same time, new technologies are reducing costs.

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TaskRabbit is one website that assists IKEA. It’s a website where you can find someone to help you with IKEA furniture assembly and transportation.

IKEA has also decided to start a smart home initiative. For the furniture industry tycoon, this includes sophisticated kitchen equipment and lighting.

In addition, Augmented Reality is used in the IKEA Place app. For example, it assists buyers in making furniture selections. Also, before making any in-store purchases, “furnish” a flat.

Another example of IKEA’s digital transformation is the Space10 initiative. The company promoted the idea of self-driving cars as a living and entertaining space. IKEA, on the other hand, will not produce autos. Rather, it will come up with interior design ideas for them.


The company’s venture into the video game market in 1997 was the first example of digital transformation at LEGO.

Games have been an important aspect of brand advertising since then. Because the games are free, it increases the promotional value of the products.

In the meantime, LEGO is investigating 3D printing. While most companies are skeptical of this technology, LEGO has filed a patent application for this type of printing. All these are for the client’s cutting-edge solutions.

In addition, the company has created a website where customers can submit block set suggestions. If the proposal receives a lot of support, the business will consider releasing the kit. It will pique the interest of brand aficionados while also instilling client loyalty.

Furthermore, LEGO toys are growing more modern. Sensors and other advanced solutions are occasionally combined with blocks.

In addition, the company is seeking to merge the worlds of gaming and actual blocks. How? Yes, by putting together a project using virtual playsets.


NIKE, the powerhouse of the sports footwear industry, has begun to focus on mobile devices. Machine learning and recommendation algorithms are among the cutting-edge technologies used.

The company has created a smartphone app that uses a leg scan to help select the appropriate shoe size. By scanning 13 data points, the application generates a map of the foot.

Furthermore, the application delivers useful data to the organization. Information that will aid in the development of future footwear projects.

The NIKE+ program is another significant company initiative. In Japan, the strategy resulted in a significant increase in sales.

The NIKE SNKRS application, on the other hand, was also successful. As a result, the expensive shoes have seen a 100 percent surge in sales.

Yes, NIKE’s digital transformation exemplifies how creativity may lead to a plethora of positive outcomes.

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