Why Digital Adoption and Change Management Matters

Digital adoption and change management are important in the planning and implementation phases of DX. Failing in this regard can lead to failing DX objectives. 

Organizations discuss digital adoption and change management in detail today. This is surely the trend in today’s evolving technologies. Not to mention that it also helps companies stay ahead of their competitors.

Digital Adoption and Change Management: Why It Matters

Digital adoption and change management ensure a new project to be a success. But, this alone is also not enough.

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So how can you describe a successful project?

  • Support should foremost come from the top (leaders)
  • Robust project management is important in delivering the project according to timeline and budget.
  • Lastly, digital adoption and change management, which deals with employees and how they work.  

Being strong in these three main areas can lead to strong project implementation. However, lacking even in only one factor can weaken the pillar of success. 

Factors that Increases the Need for Technology Adoption

When the following scenarios take place in your organization, technology adoption is badly needed. For example:

  • The project heavily impacts the end-users.
  • User adoption plays a matter of success or failure in the project.
  • When design teams do not understand end-users’’ current state or needs.
  • A history of failed and delayed projects.
  • Employees are resistant to change.
  • Business units are not adapting to change and find their ways of doing things.

Digital Adoption and Change Management: Failing Factors

Bad Business Case

Having insufficient funding can result in poor project delivery and implementation. That is why it is very important to plan both the budget and timeline for the whole project delivery. Otherwise, unnecessary project delays will happen. Not to mention that it can also risk your ROI.

Too Much IT Involvement

The internal IT department plays a huge impact on a business. However, digital adoption should not mainly concern them. The whole organization will be dealing with the project, not them alone. Hence, considering all business departments and involvement is vital, not the IT department alone.

Digital Adoption and Change Management: Success Factors

How can you increase your employees’ appetite for adoption? Consider the following factors that can contribute towards adoption, for instance.

Align Project with Business Goals

In the very first step of the project, as leaders, you should know how the project can impact your business goals. Most often, when too many stakeholders are involved, the real corporate strategy is set aside. This can lead to failing the projects’ core, which is to deliver business value.

One best way to counter this is to include the senior sponsors. Getting their approval, actively engaging them throughout, and updating them with the changes- can help a project be in line with business objectives.

Know Your Audience

Your users, or your audience, should be the core of your project. Knowing what makes your users excited for change can help you introduce change more effectively. For instance, this includes understanding users’ ways of working and frustrations. So you can adapt training methods accordingly. Also, this fosters good communication throughout.

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